Ankle Pain

Ankle pain can be very disruptive. What might start as a minor ache could evolve into severe pain that could reduce your mobility. If you live in the area of Angola, IN, or Coldwater, Sturgis, Paw Paw, and Portage, MI, and need assistance with ankle pain, get in touch with Dr. Kathleen Bickle, Dr. Robert Monfore, and Dr. Christopher Bussema at Advanas Foot and Ankle Specialists right away. By treating your sore ankle quickly, you may be able to ward off severe pain and other issues.

How a Podiatrist Treats Ankle Pain

The exact approach to treatment will depend on the specific causes of your ankle pain. There are many potential causes. Your shoes may not provide proper support, for example. It’s also possible that you suffer from flat feet, which can stress the ankle and other parts of the foot.

Ankle problems are often the result of injuries. Many people will experience a sprained ankle at some point. You may have been playing basketball and landed wrong on your foot. Or perhaps you suffered a slip and fall while working around the yard. Uneven terrain is a common cause of rolled and sprained ankles.

It's also possible that a bone was broken or a soft tissue was torn. Tendinitis, Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome (TTS), and Talar Dome Lesions can result in ankle pain. The correct treatment will depend on the root cause of your aches.

Prescription-strength anti-inflammatory drugs can reduce pain and swelling, making you more comfortable as you heal. Orthotics and braces can reduce pressure on the ankle and provide better support. Taking some time off from playing sports or working in the yard may be needed. You might also have to avoid certain shoes, like high heels or flip-flops. In some cases, surgery, casts, and other treatments may be required.

Never Underestimate Mobility Challenges

Ankle pain may not seem like a big deal at first. However, the ankle is very complex, which is a major part of why podiatrists are so specialized. A small issue could quickly grow into a large problem that can lower your overall mobility and thus your quality of life.

Need help with dealing with ankle pain? Live near Angola, IN, or Coldwater, Sturgis, Paw Paw, and Portage, MI? It's time to schedule an appointment with Dr. Bickle, Dr. Monfore, or Dr. Bussema at Advanas Foot and Ankle Specialists. As podiatrists, they are experts when it comes to dealing with ankle and foot pain. Call 800 856 1106 to get in touch.


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