Neuropathy Treatments

Neuropathy, or peripheral neuropathy as it’s often called, is a common condition with the Cleveland Clinic reporting that nearly 2.5 percent of people suffer from it globally. This may not sound like much, but the rate rises to between 5 to 7 percent for folks above the age of 45. Quite likely, someone you know will develop peripheral neuropathy at some point. Fortunately, a podiatrist can help. If you believe you're suffering from neuropathy and live near Sturgis, MI, Coldwater, MI, Paw Paw, MI, Portage, MI, or Angola, IN, come see Dr. Christopher Bussema, Dr. Kathleen Bickle, or Dr. Robert Monfore at Advanas Foot & Ankle Specialists.

What is Neuropathy?

Peripheral neuropathy occurs when the nerves in your arms or legs are damaged, resulting in errant signals. You may feel numbness in your toes, for example, or other abnormal sensations, such as shooting, burning, or stabbing pains. Often, the pain is most intense in your finger or toe tips. In some cases, the damage goes beyond mere feelings, and you may also struggle to move and control your limbs or digits.

Not sure if you’re suffering from this condition? If so, it’s wise to schedule an appointment with a podiatrist. A medical expert can closely examine your situation and perform a diagnostic. As of yet, there is no cure. However, the right medications, physical therapy, and plasma exchanges, among other treatments, may help. In some cases, surgery could also provide relief.

Think you might have neuropathy and live in Michiana? Meet with Dr. Bussema, Dr. Bickle, or Dr. Monfore at Advanas Foot & Ankle Specialists.

What Causes Neuropathy?

Many different things can cause damage to the nerves and thus peripheral neuropathy. Probably the most common cause in the United States is diabetes. Indeed, the American Diabetes Association reports that 60 percent or more of individuals suffering from diabetes will experience this condition. 

That said, diabetes is not the only cause of peripheral neuropathy. In some cases, this condition seems to be linked to hereditary factors. If family members have experienced it, you may be at increased risk. Alcoholism and even certain medications (like chemotherapy drugs) may also heighten risks. 

Essentially, anything that can damage or impede the nerves in your limbs may contribute to peripheral neuropathy. Many neurological conditions, like spina bifida, have been linked to peripheral neuropathy. Acute injuries, such as those sustained during a car accident, may also result in neuropathy.

If you have neuropathy and live near Sturgis, MI Coldwater, MI, Paw Paw, MI, Portage, MI, or Angola, IN, schedule an appointment with Dr. Bussema, Dr. Bickle, or Dr. Monfore at Advanas Foot & Ankle Specialists by calling 800-856-1106.


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