Foot Surgery

Consult with Dr. Christopher Bussema, Dr. Kathleen Bickle, and Dr. Robert Monfore of Advanas Foot & Ankle Specialists if you’re seeking foot surgery options in Angola, IN, Coldwater, Paw Paw, Portage, or Sturgis, MI.

When Should You Consider Getting Foot Surgery?

Foot problems can dominate your life. They can rob you of your mobility, cause intense pain, and stop you from engaging in your favorite hobbies. Treating them immediately is always the right course of action, but when should foot surgery be put on the table?

Although foot surgery is generally safe and effective, it is still usually used as a last resort due to the burden it places on a patient. Your podiatrist may first tell you to change your habits, prescribe special footwear, or give you medication. Surgery may only be considered an option if those other forms of treatment don’t provide the desired results.

Your podiatrist may also decide if surgery is warranted based on the severity of your symptoms. If you are complaining about intense pain constantly, your podiatrist may determine that you already need foot surgery. This could also be the case if your foot troubles have rendered you incapable of moving without assistance.

There are also cases wherein podiatrists may recommend foot surgery based on the issues presented by their patients. You may receive that recommendation from your podiatrist if you have a growth on your foot that has refused to go away. Following a car accident, your doctor may also suggest surgery so they can reconstruct the inside of your foot.

Find out if you need foot surgery in Angola, IN, Coldwater, Paw Paw, Portage, or Sturgis, MI after consulting with Dr. Bussema, Dr. Bickle, and Dr. Monfore of Advanas Foot & Ankle Specialists.

What Are You Required to Do after Foot Surgery?

There are certain things patients must do following foot surgery so they can recover properly.

First off, getting ample rest is a requirement for anyone who underwent foot surgery recently. The amount of rest you’ll need will be determined by the nature of your condition. Some individuals may be able to start walking again after a few days while others will be instructed to stay off their feet for weeks.

Your podiatrist may also tell you to keep your surgically repaired foot elevated for a while. Elevating your foot is necessary because it minimizes swelling.

Keeping a close eye on your foot is also very important. Look for any signs of infection on your surgically repaired foot. If you notice anything unusual, make sure you report it to your podiatrist immediately.

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