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Millions of people each year experience various foot-related issues. According to Dr. Christopher Bussema, Dr. Kathleen Bickle, and Dr. Robert Monfore of Advanas Foot & Ankle Specialists in Sturgis, MI (and four other locations in MI and IN), there are noninvasive and complementary techniques, including custom orthotics that address foot conditions effectively and promote proper alignment and biomechanics.

Improving Foot Health Using Orthotics

One of the most effective and simplest methods of managing common foot issues is to use a shoe insert called an orthotic - nifty inventions that support and cushion your foot to allow for a more comfortable movement and improved foot function.

Orthotics, which can be purchased generically (i.e., over-the-counter version) or be made to custom fit your foot, offer an option that effectively enhances  foot health because their design corrects -

  • Overpronation – a condition in which your foot is naturally inclined to roll inwardly.
  • Supination – a condition in which there is a natural inclination for your foot to roll outwardly.

The Benefits of Custom Orthotics

Custom foot orthotics – as its name notes – are designed specifically to fit your foot, so the support, stabilization, and cushioning can offer a tailored insert that improves comfort, reduces your risk of injuries, and likely improves the overall quality of life.  The benefits are -

  • Comfort – the fundamental objective of custom orthotics is to add comfort to your feet when walking or wearing shoes. Distributing your weight across your foot reduces pressure and is particularly helpful in situations where you need to be on your feet for a long time.
  • Pain Relief – manifesting from medical conditions, like -
    • Plantar Fasciitis.
    • Achilles Tendonitis.
    • Bunions, etc.
  • Manages Diabetes-Related Foot Management – People with diabetes can lower their risk of foot problems (i.e., foot ulcers) using custom foot orthotics.  
  • Biomechanical Improvements - gait and alignment issues can help reduce strain on the lower limbs and lower back. 
  • Reduces risk of the progression of Hammertoes and Bunions.
  • Stabilize and support Flat Feet or High Arches.

In addition, custom orthotics are often valuable tools for helping in rehabilitation and recovering from an injury or surgery.  Depending on the situation, many weekend warriors and professional athletes find custom orthotics that can help their performance and enjoyment.

Note that OTC foot orthotics benefit some; however, custom orthotics – those prescribed to meet your foot’s measurements and foot issues - offer a tailored and more comprehensive solution.

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Are you experiencing foot pain or have a chronic foot issue? For more information about how we can help, contact Dr. Bussema, Dr. Bickle, Dr. Monfore, or a member of the Advanas Foot & Ankle Specialists staff in Sturgis, Coldwater, Paw Paw, and Portage, MI, and Angola, IN, at 800-856-1106 or online.                  

Medical grade orthotic fitting for pronation


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